Rupeksha D. Jain is the founder of Perrsona Finishing Academy, an entrepreneur having the knack for commerce and trade. She has a flair for networking across various industries thus creating a concrete eco-system for her business venture. Her academic credentials include a Masters in the field of Communication & Journalism and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. She is a Gemologist by profession and has been working in her family business for years.
Sakshi Kapoor is the Co – founder of Perrsona Finishing Academy. She has been associated with reputed media house like New Delhi Television Ltd. (NDTV) as a journalist. Her love for Photography, travelling and meeting new people has helped her to understand various culture and its requirements. Her academic credentials include a Masters in the field of Communication & Journalism and has a Diploma in Photography.

Clarissa Jathanna is a passionate trainer who has excellent communication skills and is totally committed to the learning and development of participants. She has a total of over 13 years of experience out of which she has worked for 7 years conducting training programs and developing content. She is a Training Consultant with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Mumbai.

  • Client interfacing skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
A sportsperson at heart, corporate trainer, he is a judo and karate black belt, a physical trainer, Mumbai Police Martial Arts trainer, a cross country and marathon runner, a graphologist (handwriting analyst), a lyricist, a state-level rugby player, amongst other things. He along with a group of hardy volunteers gives the character building, and healthy habits of sports and adventure activities.
A well known Director and Diction Expert in theatre circles, he has directed over two dozen of plays, the recent one ” A Tale of Taj ” had a successful run in India. He is the founder of two theatre groups Pierrot’s Troupe (estd.1991) & Showbiz Action Players (estd. 2004). Being a renouned acting trainer, he has trained a lot of bollywood’s actors and upcoming talents. A curator and judge of many short film festivals, Ashok has been a major force behind the new generation of short film makers.
  • Celebrity Hair Stylist
  • Makeup Expert

Dr. Shweta Chhabra is a well known Nutritionist. She is a PhD in Food & Nutrition & her expertise lies in blood group & body type diets. She is actively working for Prime Health Consultant as a Pan India Head Nutritionist & is also involved in writing contents for various books such as “101 Myths & facts about Nutrition”, “Pediatric Nutrition ” etc. She has also been a part of various health & research Centers like VLCC, Diabetes care & Research Center, Sukoon Health Care. Dr. Shweta is a certified Diabetes Educator & Yoga cum Naturopathy specialist.

  • Nutritionist
  • Diet expert
Amol Gujale is a well-known fitness and martial arts training instructor. He is a professional strength and endurance training expert along with weight lifting, flexibility and cardiovascular training expert. He has worked as a fitness instructor and kickboxing trainer at world famous Gold’s Gym. He was the youngest student in his academy ever to earn a first degree black belt (SHO- DAAN). A year later he obtained second degree black belt (NI – DAAN) in JuJutsu, Jutsukan Karate and Judo. He has specialized in other styles of martial arts like Taekwondo, Muay thai, kick boxing and mixed martial arts.

Rushika Jain, a graduate from National Institute of Fashion & Technology, is a collector of sorts including exquisite antiques and artisans. She is a visionary woman who saw the potential in creating and innovating trends in fashion designing and took it up whole-heartedly. She has worked with renowned names in the fashion industry such as Neeta Lulla, Manish Malhotra and amongst others.

  • Image consultant
  • Fashion Designer
  • Stylist

Renu Khanchadani is a Commerce graduate with a Masters’ in Finance. She has worked with India’s top Finance companies i.e., Bajaj Capital and KPMG finances.

After her tenure with these companies, she made a breakthrough by starting her own venture of exquisite Home Décor items and collectibles viz., Silver Light. The credit for the success of this venture completely goes to her relentless pursuit of creating something beautiful and boundless for her customers. It was because of her ideology that she was able to collaborate with many of the public figures, with whom she still maintains a relationship beyond just customers.

Along with her own venture, her selflessness and altruistic attitude drove her towards collaborating with Perrsona Finishing Academy, where she plays a crucial role in constantly bringing out one’s better self.

 Her enthusiastic personality and driving passion has made her an integral Part and Partner of this organization.

NOTE: Perrsona has been associated with a number of trainers to various fields of specialization, and their details can be available on request for specific programs.