The basic fundamental for maintaining a rapport in the corporate world is through training. Lack of communication skills can be a major embarrassment in social conventions. Perrsona trains individuals in such a way that they are able to withstand any challenge.


Becoming a leader is not just about authority, but also about responsibilities. Being a leader, one is always in adilemma- what to do and what to not? Perrsona makes you stand out and ahead of a crowd.

“Coming together is a Beginning,
Keeping together is Progress,
Working together is Success.” – Henry Ford

We, at Perrsona are energetic and enthusiastic people, we believe in workplace harmony. Saying not to hold grudges may be very naive for the kind of world we live in, but to teach how to concur the heterogeneity of the group; that’s what we do here!Perrsona trains individuals to not be ‘Individuals’ but work as a ‘Team’ And we practice what we preach.

Cross-Culture Communication is a significant phenomenon to maintain business through different cultures and regions. Perrsona creates an ambience through its extensive series of programs which brings different cultures together.

There’s a prevalent myth among people that etiquette come to the business class naturally. But not all businessmen are completely aware of the required corporate traits. Perrsona aims at achieving and filling these loopholes, globally.

Agree it or not, we are all accustomed to procrastination. We constantly keep convincing ourselves that a certain action will be done prior to the deadline, but most of the times, we fail. Perrsona trains you to manage time in such a way that you would not haveto worry about deadlines.

Setting up goals motivates us to work hard and play smart. The only pre-requisite for it- the goals need to be of a right purpose. We provide the right direction to your silver lining.

“Fill up the glasses of your companions before you fill up yours.” One of the many polite etiquette for fine dining
Ethics 101: People WILL judge you by how you eat.